Another round in the stars

What makes scientists tick? The blog Sceptical Chymist has started a new feature called "Reactions" in which chemists will answer such questions. First up is David Leigh.

For any budding entrepreneurs out there, Mark Fletcher, founder of Bloglines, has started a new website called Startupping that will, you guessed it, "take the mystery out of starting and running an Internet company and sharing the experience". Via Geeking with Greg.

The saga of the absconding Mr WordPress gets more bizarre. While his wife is out looking for him, he’s now claiming to have been home all along. "Don’t worry, we’ll get through this. Remember all the Betas?" he bravely opines.

The "same old handful of blogs, more or less" have been nominated for the 7th annual weblog awards, is the complaint on The Millions blog. Why are litbloggers left out? I imagine the answer is that they are a minority interest compared with the likes of Boing Boing, Daily Kos et al. And that’s OK by me.

While on the topic of litblogs, a couple of interesting reviews: A Corpse in the Koryo on International Noir Fiction; and news of Giulio Leoni’s Dante trilogy at Eurocrime.