Paperback Writer: Protag No-Nos

Link: Paperback Writer: Protag No-Nos.

I ususally link to Paperback Writer’s consistently excellent posts on Web Writer, my blog collection of advice and tips for authors. I’ve done so on this occasion, too. But I just have to share with you PBW’s collection of "protag no-nos", or  as one might translate, "cliched main characters".

Abracadabra Erection Dude; Freckle Sprinkle Girl; Inexplicably Stumped PI; Love Scene Interruptus; Needle Teeth;  Oncoming Betrayal Headlights; Supermodel Family Girls; Too Sexy for his Shirt; Unconvincing Flaws; and Wolverine Wounds.

I can’t pretend to recognise all of these, but I certainly do some and for the others I get the picture even if I’ve been spared the experience. The chuckle-inducing definitions are at the link.

2 thoughts on “Paperback Writer: Protag No-Nos

  1. I love her blog but have never read, or been tempted to read, any of her books. Not my genre, from the covers and descriptions.

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