Carry on Wuthering

A post on BrontëBlog: The Brontës know no borders (and earlier posts linked to therein) reports news of not one, but two upcoming productions of Wuthering Heights. One is due on ITV, end of this year or beginning next. No details of who is to play Cathy or Heathcliff. The other is a "Hollywood comes to Yorkshire" supposedly starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. OK, let’s have some better suggestions in the comments: nobody could think up less suitable actors for the two roles than that, surely?
Incidentally, there are competitions and prizes at the BronteBlog, one prize being a copy of the DVD of the recent BBC production of Jane Eyre.

1 thought on “Carry on Wuthering

  1. I know it is going to sound a bit “oh not another die hard Bronte fan with an axe to grind over Americans taking over Btitish roles again”, but my real problem is with the choice of Anjelina Joilie as Cathy. Obviously no thought went into the choice because she is completely NOT CATHY
    Why? Probably too American and too Hollywood. Now Helena Bonham Carter, thats a different story. Shes A true Brit and perfect as Cathy, along with the likes of Rachel Weisz, Kate Winslet and Anna Friel.
    Depp however is perfect, mean and moody and though he is American he has a very British outlook to his acting.

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