Paperback Writer: Protag No-Nos

Link: Paperback Writer: Protag No-Nos.

I ususally link to Paperback Writer’s consistently excellent posts on Web Writer, my blog collection of advice and tips for authors. I’ve done so on this occasion, too. But I just have to share with you PBW’s collection of "protag no-nos", or  as one might translate, "cliched main characters".

Abracadabra Erection Dude; Freckle Sprinkle Girl; Inexplicably Stumped PI; Love Scene Interruptus; Needle Teeth;  Oncoming Betrayal Headlights; Supermodel Family Girls; Too Sexy for his Shirt; Unconvincing Flaws; and Wolverine Wounds.

I can’t pretend to recognise all of these, but I certainly do some and for the others I get the picture even if I’ve been spared the experience. The chuckle-inducing definitions are at the link.

Carry on Wuthering

A post on BrontëBlog: The Brontës know no borders (and earlier posts linked to therein) reports news of not one, but two upcoming productions of Wuthering Heights. One is due on ITV, end of this year or beginning next. No details of who is to play Cathy or Heathcliff. The other is a "Hollywood comes to Yorkshire" supposedly starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. OK, let’s have some better suggestions in the comments: nobody could think up less suitable actors for the two roles than that, surely?
Incidentally, there are competitions and prizes at the BronteBlog, one prize being a copy of the DVD of the recent BBC production of Jane Eyre.

Heartsick by Chelsea Cain

I was directed to this video link: Heartsick by Richard Charkin’s blog. He says "don’t forget to turn on the sound" but of course, on principle, I didn’t, so I watched it on silent. That was enough for me. A new thriller to be published by Pan Macmillan in August. Slick video, but not for the faint "hearted".

Inaccurate infotainment

Makers of a Japanese science documentary have admitting making up experimental results and redubbing interviews to put false words into foreign scientists’ mouths.

The scandal broke after the programme claimed that eating fermented soy beans could help you lose weight. Claims made in several other of the show’s 520 programmes – about the soporific effects of lettuce, for example – are also under review.

The full story is here, in Nature: a subscription may be required to read it, in which event let me know in the comments if you’d like to gain access, and I’ll assist.

Unpleasant Cargo

This unpleasant post: Precious Cargo: Why Print On Demand Technology Won’t Transform Publishing is a cowardly and inaccurate rant about a post I wrote a while back on Petrona, in the process misrepresenting what I wrote, and ascribing opinions to me that I do not have.

I was alerted to this post by Dave Lull, the man who wrote it did not do me the courtesy of letting me know he was writing it or had written it. I have written a comment on his blog, but as he has "comment moderation" switched on, this comment may not actually appear, and I have not saved it.

Dave discovered this situation by reading a posting by Michael Blowhard on "Get Rich Writing". Mary Scriver, in a comment on Michael Blowhard’s posting, supports my position: "Winkler’s critique of Maxine is not valid because POD is only part of the revolution." Thank you, Mary.

My post, incidentally, was not hot air but was about a POD programme at Random House, which the publisher is expanding, as reported in Publishers’ Weekly, among other points about the supply chain not mentioned by "Precious Cargo". There are inaccuracies as well as omissions in the Precious Cargo posting, some of which I specified in my comment to the post, if he is not too cowardly to publish it.