A week in books blogs

Link: Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog – books: A week in books blogs.

I have achieved another five minutes of fame: a mention in the Guardian this week. From thearticle/post linked above, by Sarah Crown:

"Congratulations for what sounds like a remarkable book," offers Petrona, although she, too, is irritated by "the extent of the media coverage that has been given to the fact that she has never been to Canada, in comparison with discussion of the book itself. Since the invention of the papyrus and parchment, people have written about events and places that they have witnessed only in their imagination. It is interesting to be able to write convincingly about somewhere you have never been, but not overwhelmingly so."

(Thanks to the mysterious "Jonathan" for first drawing my attention to this piece via the comments on Petrona; to James for keeping a copy of the paper for me; and to my admirable ex-colleage Nell Boase, now of the Guardian, she knows why. And, of course, thanks to Frank Wilson of Books, Inq. for also linking to my post.)

Die with Me from Quercus

Quercus books seems to have made a very energetic start.  The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penney has just won the Costa prize, and the 9 February Bookseller features a cover and inside front cover ad for Die with Me by Elena Forbes. From the Bookseller ad: "You could find your best friend on the net…or discover your worst nightmare. For fifteen-year-old Gemma it is already too late………F0r D. I. Mark Tartaglia and the murder squad at Barnes, it’s just a matter of time before the tragedy repeats itself. For Elena Forbes, it’s a cracking start to her new career as a crime writer. For the people at Quercus, it’s a joy to publish a novel that has bestseller [caps] written all over it. "

Publication date is 5 July: Here is the Amazon entry (UK site). I get the impression from the ad copy that Elena Forbes is someone who had a previous career doing something else, but I don’t think I’ve heard of her.