From the Google stars

A selection from my Google starred items:

From The Rap Sheet: Name the character from crime fiction with whom you’d most like to spend the day. Interesting one:  Harry Bosch or Peter Wimsey? Kinsey Millhone or Miss Marple?

Debra Hamel has found a new widget for your blog that displays your most popular posts. I tried it on Petrona and it works and is even nice, but it slowed the site down too much again (curse of the blidgets), so I took it off. You can (probably) see it over at the deblog if you want to take a look, via the link at the start of this paragraph.

Behind the gate, five girls wait is James of New Tammany College’s most successful photograph on Flickr. See the photo here, as well as James’s musings as to why.

Fictionbitch, the tart of fiction, has an interesting post about big and little publishers and the myths of publishability, addressing whether talent will out, whether it is worth the agony, and what will sell. There is a good set of comments to the post.

The brilliant Phil Ball posts on his blog homunculus his unedited version of his Prospect article about climate "sceptics" (people who don’t believe the consensus that there is a man made element to climate change, or even that there is any significant climate change).  Well done Phil, but your postscript about "avian ‘flu sceptics"? It has to come, I suppose,  and although one is tempted to strangle the scaremongers who thought nothing of the disease until it hit a Norfolk turkey and then went ballistic, it will not be welcome when it does, as these individuals, like their climate cousins you highlight, are mainly interested in selling newspapers and/or themselves, rather than being objective.

Here’s an interesting review by Glenn of International Noir Fiction of "A Case of Two Cities" by Qiu Xiaolong . Unlike me, Glenn seems to have got the life/blog balance sorted out, because he doesn’t post that often, but when he does, it is good stuff. Good review, including a comment from Peter of Detectives beyond Borders.

Martyn Daniels of the Booksellers Association has some interesting statistics about the silver surfers and about how we are the new power.   "The silver surfer is the obvious publishing target; they love books, reading and have time. Migrating the silver surfer onto audio downloads and digital content may be a lot easier than many have thought." Well, I don’t actually have the time, but apart from that I think I fit the bill, as I’m feeling particularly arthritic today.

My oldest saved post is one from Eurocrime about the DVD of "The State Within" now being available. Certainly one for my increasing shelf of DVD boxed sets "that I might get time to watch one day". Even though I cannot be a fan of Jeremy Isaacs (Malfoy senior — hisss),  from the initial publicity and reviews, this series has all the hallmarks of being a very good watch, from my many years of vicariously assessing what is written about TV programmes without actually watching any of it.

As well as the above, my Google shared items page contains clips of blog posts that I’ve found and enjoyed recently from among my rss subscriptions; feel free to read them too.