The Session and the Henderson Laboratory

Taking a more relaxed approach to blogging today, here is an extract from an emailshot I received the other day:

Review copies are now available for THE SESSION, A NOVELLA IN DIALOGUE by Aaron Petrovich, the debut installment in the "Hotel St. George Press" imprint. Details about the book and the imprint are listed below. Please e-mail us back if you’d like to receive a copy.

Best Regards,
Johanna Ingalls/Managing Editor
Akashic Books

"Funny, frantic, and with a subversive intelligence, Aaron Petrovich’s Keatonesque heroes, Detectives Smith and Smith, stumble upon a bizarre new religion while following the trail of a murdered mathematician’s missing organs. Their investigation to discover the truth–about the mathematician murder, the mob of men and women who may have eaten him, and ultimately the nature of truth, sanity, and identity–leads them into a lunatic asylum they may never leave."

Hotel St. George Press–an online literary and arts quarterly featuring original fiction, artwork, films, short films, music, and radio plays–is dedicated to publishing intra-genre fictions that fuse the formal craftsmanship of artbooks with the substantive content of dynamic, modern prose.

The Winter 2007 Issue is now online . With the Winter Issue comes the opening of a new wing, the HENDERSON LABORATORY, in which one occupant is given free reign to experiment with new and unusual ideas throughout the duration of the season. Our current guest, Catherine
Bloom, has begun posting her astonishing weekly neuroscience blog, viewable here.

Well, I sure get some interesting mailshots.

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  1. Since posting this, I see that they use the word “reign” instead of “rein” — we’ve had discussion about this misuse before on Petrona. You can’t keep a good misuse down, it seems.

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