Thank you, Brainiads

I have earned money from blogging!  The Brainiads ad I said I would not put on my blog but immediately did (out of curiosity and contrariness) has just paid me $10.76, or £5. something. Amazing. Why on Earth it has I do not know, as I can’t believe $10 worth of any business has come anyone’s way via this blog. But there you go. I am blown away. Thank you, Brainiads. Now I can give up the day job.

(By the way, I have reset those little "Snap" previews so you don’t get the preview over the actual link, as I thought that was rather annoying. You now only get the Snap preview if you hover over that little box next to the link, so the Snap window does not obscure you actually going to the site that is linked to. This is a new feature of Snap, and a welcome one.)

Can love survive when worlds collide?

When I posted the other day about "cocktail party physics" , I didn’t realise (because I hadn’t looked) that the blogger concerned was about to crop up in Nature. But she did, in a rather nice article called: When two worlds collide. "One half of a physics couple that met online, Jennifer Ouellette seeks some advice from married scientists on how to handle both long-distance and up-close relationships, while juggling career and family. Can love survive?"

Here’s a link to the Nature newsblog, open for comments.

Here’s a link to the entire story, not sure if it is free access.

You can also hear the free Nature podcast on the topic.