Just a few highlights

A week in the blogosphere is equivalent to geological time. I haven’t bought news of items that have caught my interest for a while, but here are a few:

What do you call a group of chemists? The winning answer, with which I can’t disagree, is a "mole" of chemists. Other good suggestions are cluster, fungible, assembly, bond, nucleus, reaction and complex. Just don’t ask them how many they need to change a light bulb.

Cliques in the blogosphere.  I’ve read quite a bit over the past few weeks on this topic — the post from Write Stuff highlighted here is very readable, being by someone who was not aware of the practice until it was pointed out. Personally, I find cliquey blogs pretty common, but boring, so they don’t last long in my rss subscriptions. Individuality of expression, whether in a blog post or the comments, is what I value in my reading.

Jane Eyre via the Bronte Blog. Here is a YouTube interview with Ruth Wilson, the actress who portrayed Jane in the recent, lauded, BBC production with Toby Stephens (son of Robert Stephens and Maggie Smith– think Prime of Miss Jean Brodie) as a rather delectable Mr Rochester (even though he did not have a beard).

I blinked for a couple of days and missed the fact that the blogosphere is up in arms because Maureen O’Dowd has criticised "chick lit". A type post explaining all and opining  is here, at Buzz, Balls and Hype. Everyone is up in arms against Maureen so I will leap to her defence, as anyone who writes a book called "Are Men Necessary?" (don’t you just love that question mark?) is intriguing. I have had her book in my Amazon basket for ages, watching its progress from Amazon US-only hardback to UK hardback and now UK paperback! It is en route to me now. My more considered views of Maureen may follow upon receipt of said book, whereupon I’ll know more than just the appealing title. But her writings feature regularly on Perceval Press, the publishing website of Viggo, so I guess I am predisposed.

Before I go, I will just draw attention to a lovely post by Norm/Uriah of CrimeScraps about Andrea Camilleri.  To quote:  "Andrea Camilleri because he is an octogenarian has a library of interesting quirky characters in his life experience, and in the little cameo appearances they make in the novels we can relate to our own varied lives. Age matters." Thanks, Norm. Good man.