A half-life of one

Link: View From The Pundy House: What price literary immortality?.

This is a good move from Bill (Pundy). If I ever wrote a book, I would do what he’s decided to do, rather than attempt all the agonies of trying to get agents and publishers interested. Cheap at the price, which is free. Do go on over to the Pundy House and put your name down for a copy. Bill’s dolefully insightful blog is a bittersweet treat; he writes about the depressed state like no other I’ve yet come across. I am looking forward to reading his book once it is available in printed, bound form — and yes, I’d be happy to pay for the privilege, even though this is counter to Bill’s current business model. (By the way, you’ll have to be quick — about 5 of the 100 copies of the print run are spoken for already.)