Petrona on the normblog

I think I can retire now and go to heaven.  Can blogging get any better than this? I’ve had book reviews published in the Philadelphia Inquirer (thanks to Sir Galahad of the Blogosphere, aka Frank Wilson) and on Eurocrime; I’ve made some wonderful friends; and now I have been profiled by Norman Geras on his normblog.  And what’s more, I come over as relatively sane and sensible. Go and have a look and see who I’d invite to dinner and other more serious things.

I shall carry on blogging , because I like it.  But honestly, I might just as well stop here: my cup runneth over. It is true to say that, apart from my husband and children, I’ve never experienced such positive regard; stimulating interactions; friendliness ; and thoughtful exchange of ideas, since the past year or so of blogging. Call it Friday evening sentiment, call it what you will, I feel, er…..happy. (Strange sensation.)