Random Jottings heads the list

Link: TypePad Featured Blogs: Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover.

Elaine of "Random Jottings" is at the top of the Typepad featured blog listings today. What a fantastic achievment. Well done to Elaine, whose blog I have come to look forward to each day.

From Typepad’s post about Elaine’s blog:  "Readers will delight in her trusted book reviews, of which there are many. Check out her favorite reads from 2006, and then visit her left sidebar to see what’s currently on tap. This is a valuable resource for avid readers of Victorian Literature, as well as book groups looking to add some classics to their 2007 calendar. Taking inspiration from her 94-year-old mother, Elaine has started a Personal Challenge. She will stretch her boundaries to include one new modern novel every month this year. Help her with suggestions, and have fun following along. Every once in a while she gets side-tracked by an episode of ER or The West Wing, but that just makes her voice more human. Shakespeare fans, you’re not alone. In fact, there’s room for everyone to follow this Renaissance woman from Colchester to Covent Garden and back again."

2 thoughts on “Random Jottings heads the list

  1. I have to say finding myself classified as Renaissance Woman was a bit of a shock. I think in future my signature will have to be:
    E M Simpson-Long, R.W.
    just to get people wondering!!
    So glad you look forward to reading each day and may I reciprocate and say that I do exactly the same for your blog

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