Spring reading

Some books that will be published in the USA over the next few months, via Publishers (sic) Weekly:

Nerve Damage by Peter Abrahams (March).  Described as a gripping suspense novel with first-rate action and suspense, "but fans may find fewer insights into human nature than in such brilliant earlier books as Oblivion and End of Story".

Christine Falls by Benjamin Black (March). "Though Black makes an occasional American cultural blooper, he keeps divulging surprises to the last page so that the reader is simultaneously shocked and satisfied."

Cover Girl Confidential by Beverly Bartlett (March).  …"witty and irreverent, with a keen sense of what makes American pop culture simultaneously attractive and ridiculous".

Looking Good Dead by Peter James (March).  "The rapid-fire suspense builds to a terrifying, graphic conclusion that leaves tantalising room for future installments in the series".  (Reviewed on Eurocrime website.)

Glass Houses by Jane Haddam (April). A baffling serial murder case in Philadelphia "effortlessly melded" with the latest developments in the romance between her FBI profiler hero and his longtime lover, "the author deserves plaudits for making the long and complex Gregor-Bennis relationship accessible to first-time readers".

Lots more to choose from in the 15 January issue of Publishers Weekly.

2 thoughts on “Spring reading

  1. I can very much vouch for the Christine Falls book, but I wonder what they mean by “Black makes an occasional American cultural blooper”…? Does he get things factually incorrect? Are the speech patterns wrong?

  2. Unfortunately, Kim, the reviews in PW are very brief, just a paragraph, so I can’t answer you. Maybe an Amercian who has read the book will be able to tell us.

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