OUP goes to the crime movies

I recently discovered various university press blogs, and have been following one of them, the Oxford University Press blog. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when today I discover that it runs a monthly crime film round-up. This month, the film reviewed is  The Departed . I presume crime films are a personal sideline of the OUP official blogger(s), and not strictly "core" to a university press business.

I am allergic to Martin Scorsese, whose latest outing is reviewed this month at the link above, but previous films reviewed have included the very good "A history of violence" (disclaimer: anything connected with Mr V. Mortensen gets a minimum "very good" rating on this blog, even when he’s beardless, as in this particular case), and the intriguing-seeming "Babel", recently opened in the UK. As well as stand-alone reviews, there are thematic entries as well. Worth checking out.

An archive of the OUP crime-film column is at this link.

4 thoughts on “OUP goes to the crime movies

  1. “The Departed” is actually an Americanised remake of a much better Hong Kong film called “Infernal Affairs”.
    The Hong Kong original has better characterisations (although I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was very good in the Scorses film), a slicker look, and is altogether a more exciting and memorable film. It’s also a lot less violent, focusing more adeptly on the psychological tension than the physical violence.
    There are two more Infernal Affairs films. I’ve seen #2, which is actually a prequel, and a more cerebral film, but also very very good.
    Although I think Scorsese’s film is pretty good, I don’t understand why the Americans feel the need to remake a perfectly good story in an American setting using American characters/actors. Actually, I do know why that is, but I don’t think much of it.

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for this great article! I wanted to let you know, as the OUP blog editor, that the film crimes column is actually written by an OUP author Nicole Rafter, her book SHOTS IN THE MIRROR is all about crime films.

  3. Thanks for all these infernal tips, James — I once saw a corrupt cop movie called “Internal Affairs” (Richard Gere? Andy Garcia?) but have not caughte “infernal”. They will beat sitting through Scorsese, in my book. (Plenty will disagree with my opinion of Scorsese movies.)
    Agree with your general point on Hollywood remakes, “Three men and a baby” (cf France and USA) being my own personal favourite type-example.
    And thanks for the comment and correction, Rebecca, will check out Nicole’s book.

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