Personal intergrity doesn’t wash with the Bible folk

Link: Harry Potter case – myth vs. truth « Librarian’s place.

If my mood wasn’t bad enough after receiving that unwelcome email from Amazon (see previous post), Dave Lull has sent me a link to one of the silliest, most wrong-headed and obtuse articles I’ve read in a long while. (See Librarian’s Place post at link above.) So the "ban Harry Potter movement" is not trying to ban the books from bookshops or libraries, just from the school classroom. Oh, that’s OK then.

We are not amused

Amazon has joined the (soft) p*** brigade. I was not impressed to receive this email from them today (from which I have removed the product links):

Dear Customer,

Valentines Day is nearly here, and as a previous sex and sensuality or erotica customer, we thought that you might like to know about our more adventurous gifts for Valentines Day…treat the one you love…or even yourself or browse the rest of the Sex and Sensuality range in our online store.

Order today and start saving:
++ Adult Toys
++ Adult Sex Games
++ Erotic DVD
++ Up to 40% Off Erotica Books

Happy shopping
Brian McBride
Managing Director

I wouldn’t complain if I was in fact "a previous sex and sensuality or erotica customer", but I am not.  Just as well I am not a sensitive little old lady or a Church of England vicar, though. 

Goodbye Clockwork Orange estate

The last 200 or so houses on the Tavy Bridge estate in Thamesmead, south-east London, are being demolished. The estate is famous (or according to the Times, infamous) for being the backdrop for Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film "A Clockwork Orange" — you remember the scene where Alex and his droogs beat up the tramp? That’s the place. Again according to the Times, "some locals think that the film’s depiction of youth disorder tainted the area’s reputation". The houses are being demolished, it is said, as part of a regeneration project. (I’ve lived and worked in one of those for almost 25 years and it isn’t by any means finished yet.)