Agoraphobic Caveman

Link: The Dilbert Blog: Agoraphobic Caveman.

If you are Scott’s friend, you’ll either ignore him or tell him a lie in his comments (see the post at the link above for enlightenment). I think Scott Adams puts very well the dilemma of many a modern person — not just the football fan who can’t stay up late enough to watch the ludicrously protracted Match of the Day Featuring Every Premiership Match in the League to Maximise Sponsorship Revenue, and so has to go around with noise-reduction headphones on until there is a window to watch the replay, but also the average multitasker, who does not, of course, have time to actually watch TV at all. There are those of us walking around who are several series behind in 24, and a series behind in other cases (eg Desperate Housewives – Desperately Absent Viewer, I call it).

I am so bad on the time management front that I’ve even had to outsource the recording process to my daughters. By the time I get around to watching all our taped programmes, the technology will be obsolete. Looking on the bright side, I’ll be so old that my memory will have completely vanished, so I won’t know if I ever did accidentally find out that crucial plot twist before I saw the episode in question.