Victoria Beckham is blogging

Link: Bloggers Blog: Victoria Beckham is Blogging.

I can’t bear to write any more on the subject, but the full horror, including links, is available at the Bloggers Blog post above.

10 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham is blogging

  1. I thought I’d follow the links for a laugh. I didn’t laugh. Managed to read 2 posts. The page said I needed to install some Flash something or other of “at least…” some version or other. But I don’t think I missed anything. I’m sure going to LA is very exciting for them. There is a lot of dosh involved after all.
    But, MORE IMPORTANTLY Maxine, I do like your new rearrangement. Very nice!

  2. Ah, but I am having loading probs again with blank pages coming up. Seems I’m destined to remain in the VB post. Better get my sunglasses on then!

  3. Thank you, Maxine for keeping us up to date on the Beckham move to LA.
    By sheer chance, in between my Montalbano marathon, I am about half way through a book about the War of 1812 the last time we Brits invaded the USA!

  4. “I’m still finding my way around as LA is a big place I’m trying to work out how to get from Santa Monica to Malibu, and from Brentwood to Bel Air… But we’ll get there.”
    I am seriously worried about the reputation of the UK educational system if Victoria’s blog is going to contain more items like this. Lucky they did not move to Devon, or she would have got lost trying to get from Dawlish to Teignmouth.

  5. Oh dear. Elaine, the blog is not a joke. It even has a throne-like/court of arms type moniker with the dVB stuff. You have to see it to get the full picture, you really do!
    Norm sees the humour here more than me. But perhaps that’s because I hit the link into something “boring” on the blog and then hit the sidebar link into “Sunglasses”, only to find a post of blatant BSP and a pic of a pair of sunglasses that made me want to vomit.
    I’ve been an observer of the US for many years now. Such is life! I reckon Brand Beckham has only been subject to a snapshot of same. I also reckon Brand Beckham will die before the end of 2007 in the UK at least.
    Vicky B may have aspirations; but this is the good old US of A we are entering here. 0 body may get her into Z list stuff, but that is all. My prediction only and I stand by that case. LOL!

  6. Size 0 body? Maybe the wind will blow her away like a puff of thisteldown when she gets there, and we’ll hear no more….

  7. I read some of her jejune rantings about blue skies and house-hunting. Yuck. Even Paris Hilton is more interesting.
    For whatever unfair reason, soccer is simply not a big deal here in the U.S. Hence, the Beckhams so far have made very little news. If David succeeds in getting people more interested in a ball game actually played with the feet — as opposed to the beloved, bone crushing game *we* call football — then perhaps their profile will go up. Otherwise, I think Posh is going to be shocked by how little the media here cares about her and her daily brand-name activities.

  8. According to the UK press, it is all down to Becks becoming popular with the Latinos, who either are or support the team he’s joined? The club has already made lots of money even before he’s arrived, anyway.
    It is all about the money — this is all a marketing deal, and not about football — that’s almost a side issue. Victoria is merely icing (or frosting as you call it) on the cake– not necessary for the digestion but a nice addition if you can get it (unless you find sweetness rather cloying).

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