Book Aid is having a party

Book Aid International, the organisation that operates the reverse book club, is having a party. On 22 February, it is holding a "be inspired" auction, hosted by Jeremy Paxton, at Bloomsbury Auctions (London).

"Literary figures, politicians and celebrities" have written a few words inside a copy of their favourite book(s) to convey why the title is special to them. These books will be auctioned after a champagne reception. A previous "celebrity" who famously sent a signed book was J K Rowling, but this time it seems as if partygoers will have to make do with David Jason (Inspector Frost), Joanna Lumley, D B C Pierre, David Cameron and Cherie Booth.

If you are interested in attending (it costs £40, or £60 for a pair of tickets), you can email Julia Baxter for details. If you are not a party animal or otherwise unable to attend, please go to the Book Aid website (link at start of this post) and consider contributing to this worthy organisation, which carefully selects and sends appropriate books to children and adults in regions where access to useful or inspiring reading is limited or non-existent. Book Aid’s website details how it chooses the books and to whom it sends them.

I have previously posted about Book Aid international here (April 2006) and here (November 2006).

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