The endless nagging of RSS readers

Link: Geeking with Greg: The endless nagging of RSS readers.

From Greg’s post:

"Dave Winer writesMost RSS readers remind the user, all the time, how wrong he or she is. Or inadequate or lazy or behind in their work … Who needs that. Think about it this way. Suppose you read the paper every day. What if at the top of the paper it told you how many articles from previous issues you hadn’t read. News is not email … Every article is not necessarily something you should read, or even look at … If I’m not interested, or too busy — too bad. No need to count the number of articles that didn’t get my attention. It’s a useless piece of data. See also my earlier post, "RSS sucks and information overload", where I said, "The problem is scaling attention. Readers have limited time. They don’t want information. They want knowledge."  "

Yes, when it is a day like today and I haven’t managed to get to my rss reader for a couple of days and find 250 plus unread posts, I know what they both mean. But on the other hand, I’ve subscribed to those blogs in the first place because I enjoy reading them, and like to see what their bloggers are writing about. If I miss a few days, do I want to see the "unread posts" or not? Rss readers like Google Reader and Bloglines allow you to "mark as read" at one click, so I guess that’s the answer.