Librarian’s Place is growing

Librarian’s Place featured as a "growing blog" at number 15 of WordPress "blogs of the day" list for 21 January. This ranking is of WordPress blogs that experienced the greatest gain in traffic over a 24-hour period.

This success is due 95 per cent to Dave Lull, who finds the content, and 5 per cent to James Long, who sends along occasional nuggets for this or various other parts of the Petrona Blogphire. I do recommend subscribing to Librarian’s Place, as the articles posted there are an eclectically stimulating read on matters related to libraries (natch), the web, books, culture, "placeism" and other topics.

3 thoughts on “Librarian’s Place is growing

  1. Congrats on getting a mention on the “growth chart.” Blogs are like kids, aren’t they? When they’re finally able to stand up on their own, we can start marking their height on the wall.
    BB just broke into Technorati’s top 10,000 the other day. Although I pretend like I don’t care much about stats, it still feels pretty good to know your baby is getting bigger.

  2. Congratulations, maxine – it’s nice to know your hard work in building these blogs is getting noticed.
    Out of interest, how did you know about the 15th spot for LP? Did you jsut notice it in the list, or were you alerted by WordPress somehow?

  3. Thanks, James, but I don’t feel it is anything to do with me, I merely reap the fruits of the internet sent to me!
    The way I found out is that I have a google email alert set up for the three blogs (Petrona, LP and WR) by url. The LP one was in my inbox today — when I went to the WordPress link they seem to have a range of “interesting wordpress blog stats” features.

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