Was I mistaken in thinking that the previous post contained the decade’s most inane headline?

Cognitive Daily: Do women want to look thinner than men want them to be?.

I can’t stand it. The world is going mad. I’m going off to eat some warmed-over macaroni cheese.

Small earthquake in China?

Bloggers Blog: Study Finds 1 in 3 Moms Have Recently Read a Blog.

It’s the headline that had to happen, didn’t it? Read more at the link.

Librarian’s Place is growing

Librarian’s Place featured as a "growing blog" at number 15 of WordPress "blogs of the day" list for 21 January. This ranking is of WordPress blogs that experienced the greatest gain in traffic over a 24-hour period.

This success is due 95 per cent to Dave Lull, who finds the content, and 5 per cent to James Long, who sends along occasional nuggets for this or various other parts of the Petrona Blogphire. I do recommend subscribing to Librarian’s Place, as the articles posted there are an eclectically stimulating read on matters related to libraries (natch), the web, books, culture, "placeism" and other topics.