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While on the subject of cheap books, how about some free ones? I was stopped in my tracks from a charity shop run the other day by receiving a parcel from Kimbofo of Reading Matters. Kim had noted that I’d linked to her review of A Long Shadow by Charles Todd,  so she very kindly and generously sent me her copy. I sent her a list of my "read" books in return so she could choose one, which she did, but it occurs to me that other people might want one of them too. So let me know in the comments (or by email if you prefer not to put your mailing address in the comments) if you’d like any of the following (it would be preferable if you live in Europe but if you don’t, let me know anyway and I’ll investigate postage costs):

Goodnight, Irene   Jan Burke
Fire Sale        Sara Paretsky
Bloodless Shadow   Victoria Blake
Savage Garden    Denise Hamilton (lge format)
Looking Good Dead   Peter James
The Chemistry of Death  Simon Beckett
Bones   Jan Burke (bit tatty as second-hand when I bought it)
The Playroom  John Connor (book club edn)

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