Cell is book of the week

Amazon (UK) site is featuring Stephen King’s Cell as one of its three "books of the week" this week. The price is £3.15 for the paperback edition (that’s 55 per cent discount, claims Amazon) but you have to purchase the book by 2400 (GMT) Sunday 28 January. To avoid paying postage, put some other books or purchases into your shopping basket up to the value of £15. 

Synopsis (from the Amazon entry: I haven’t read the book):
‘Civilization slipped into its second dark age on an unsurprising track of blood but with a speed that could not have been foreseen by even the most pessimistic futurist. By Halloween, every major city from New York to Moscow stank to the empty heavens and the world as it had been was a memory.’ The event became known as The Pulse. The virus was carried by every cell phone operating within the entire world. Within ten hours, most people would be dead or insane. A young artist Clayton Riddell realises what is happening. And together with Tom McCourt and a teenage girl called Alice, he flees the devastation of explosive, burning Boston, desperate to reach his son before his son switches on his little red mobile phone!

3 thoughts on “Cell is book of the week

  1. I love a good book deal. I just picked up two books I needed for the book club, which means I couldn’t wait or shop around for a bargain. They were US$40! Pricey!

  2. Wow, see what you mean, Marydell. It is a bit like going to an independent bookseller — I can and do support them when I can, but buying books for 8.99 when you know they are on Amazon or Waterstones for 3.99 is a bit of a test of one’s commitment to their enterprise….

  3. That’s so true, Maxine. There has been a lot of blog talk recently about indies being driven out of business. It is a shame, but I need to stretch my dollar as far as it can go.

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