Belated ‘three things’ meme

A week is a long time in politics as we all know: we are also all well aware that in blogging, two and a half weeks is such a long time that anything that happened that long ago might as well never have happened.

So I apologise to Susan of the recently unusually quiet blog In Over My Head, who tagged me with a "three things" meme on 6 January. Susan, I bookmarked your post but time pressures are such that only now am I going to attempt to do the meme.

I think most  meme posts are silly ego trips (apart from Susan’s of course) so I am going to put my answers to this one in the continuation page. Nobody has to read it unless they click, so don’t blame me if you think it is as dull and unoriginal as it probably is.

Three things that scare me:  the passage of time; the hole in the middle of the floor of the office; horror movies (probably — as I think they would be scary I haven’t seen any since the original Omen).

Three people who make me laugh: Susan Barr, Scott Adams, Richard Morrison.

Three things I love: friendly, sensitive and undemanding people (preferably all three in one).

Three things I hate: questions like this and the one immediately above, loud noises, idiots.

Three things I don’t understand: cell signalling, dynamics of planetary motions, complex differential equations.

Three things on my desk: in-tray, pile of print Natures, piles of paper with "to do" notes on.

Three things I’m doing right now: drinking a cup of cold coffee, emptying the dryer, writing this post.

Three things I want to do before I die: read everything I want to read, see all the movies and other video broadcasts I want to see, meet in person a select few of my blogger friends whom I haven’t met yet.

Three things I can do: edit, operate a Network SouthEast ticket machine, get ready to go anywhere within 10 minutes.

Three things you should listen to: any music except "High School Musical": encore, normal or sing-along editions.

Three things you should never listen to: the sound of the vacuum cleaner, the sound of neighbouring students/children/people rehearsing their rock band on high amp, the sound of the neighbours getting loudly drunk with their friends on a summer’s evening in their back garden when you want to sit outside and read.

Three things I’d like to learn: patience, calmness and more about computer programming.

Three favorite foods: cashew nuts with cranberries, humous and peas.

Three beverages I drink regularly: tea and coffee (don’t think I drink any other beverages).

Three TV shows/books I watched/read as a kid: is this question serious? Jane Eyre, Robin Hood, the Trojan Wars.

Three bloggers to tag: (optional of course) Karen Meek (Eurocrime), Kimbofo (Reading Matters), James Long (New Tammany College).

11 thoughts on “Belated ‘three things’ meme

  1. I had to laugh at the three things you don’t understand, Maxine! Who on earth *does* understand those? I was tempted to offer you a tutorial – with tongue firmly in cheek of course.
    I can’t agree on the food choices. I like cashews, but not ‘grainy’ foods. I do not like humous because to me it feels like fine, moist sand in my mouth. Ugh.

  2. I think your comments here are typically funny and smart, Maxine. What kind of hole in the floor does your office have???

  3. I used to think the same way as you about humous, Susan, but it has evolved! It is really rather an exciting food nowadays. You probably don’t have Waitrose or Ocado in Victoria, but their pine-nut and pesto homous is quite delicious.
    Actually, Jenny, I think I may be going off peas slightly, as I ODd on them over that time I previously posted. Can’t think of anything I actually like any better, though
    (apart from the “c” word which we do not mention).
    Susan (Balee), the hole is referred to officially as an “atrium”, I believe. I work on the 4th floor. The “atrium” is a b****** great hole in the middle of the room which renders the rest of the room a square corridor, so you can’t walk straight across it; if you want to go anywhere you have to walk round it, feeling somewhat like Indiana Jones on a bad day. It is even worse on the 3rd floor (where many of my colleagues sit), as there is a bridge across the middle of it. Say no more. My vertigo is intruding just thinking about it.

  4. Thanks, Maxine, I’ve done mine now.
    I have to say I love your “get ready to go anywhere within 10 minutes” response, as I am exactly the same. Unfortunately the big Irish guy I live with doesn’t know how to do this!

  5. I really shouldn’t read these things I always end up feeling hungry – good job the shops are shut. That pine nut and pesto humous sounds delicious.
    And yes, cold coffee – why do we bother?

  6. Yes, Kim, in my (somewhat limited) experience, men do find it harder to get ready on time, it is all the shaving and other mysterious male stuff. But teenage daughters usually win hands down, it has to be said.
    Ah Clare — Ocado never closes, unfortunately.
    And as for the things I don’t understand, I agree these things seem a bit esoteric, but I work with people every day who do understand this stuff. Quite demoralising sometimes…..but they don’t get web 2.0 (probably), which we are masters and mistresses of on this blog, yes?

  7. “Yes, Kim, in my (somewhat limited) experience, men do find it harder to get ready on time, it is all the shaving and other mysterious male stuff”
    Bearded blogger,cold coffee drinker, always on time.

  8. Now, Norm, don’t get me distracted and on to the subject of beards, on which I can wax lyrical for many a happy hour. Man’s natural state, indeed, and really rather nice for all kinds of reasons in addition to the “quicker to get ready” aspects.
    Glad I can add you to my fine collection of Bearded Bloggers (incl. Frank Wilson and Dave Lull the honorary blogger), and of course Mr Viggo M (as Aragorn) — not that he blogs but he does have the odd incoherent rant on his website Perceval Press.

  9. Yes, I agree about beards. Can’t understand why some people are not keen. I’ve always loved them. My husband has shaved his off a few times and I’ve found that a very difficult period:)

  10. Yes, I always regretted it when the MP shaved his off 23 years ago (soon after I met him) and has never regrown it despite occasional, or even more than occasional, requests over the years.

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