Harry Potter at Leaky Lounge

From "The Leaky Lounge" — one of J K Rowling’s two favourite Harry Potter sites/fan clubs (the other being Mugglenet):

Our Harry Potter Book Club has been an enormous success.  Currently studying Philosopher’s Stone, we’ll be moving onto Chamber of Secrets on February 1st.  HP 101 is open and here to serve you as your one stop on information on all of the hot topics in Harry Potter fandom. You can pop into this forum and find the information on these topics, or you can request a topic.

Our Deathly Hallows forum is up and running with great discussion as our members and staff discuss the final book of the series.

Napoleon’s stomach ache

You may have heard about a current article in NCP Gastroenterology and Hepatology on the death of Napoleon Bonaparte. It seems that rather than being poisoned, as is often suggested in history books, the emperor was suffering from gastric cancer. The article is currently free access, so read the fascinating, if gory, details at the link.