Enjoying Persuasion

Having been too busy to read or write blogs much this week, this link: Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover: Persuasion instantly reminds me (as if I needed to be reminded) of why the medium is so powerful for me.  I love Jane Austen, having read her books more times than I can remember. It would be unusual to find a review of a Jane Austen book in any other course of life — reading the newspaper or whatever, yet half an hour into reading my rss subscriptions, here is a review of this, one of my favourite books. Why is the book reviewed? Not because it has just been published, or a new edition has come out, or the author has been accused of plagiarism, or has been paid a vast sum of money to go and live in Los Angeles. No, just because the reviewer, Elaine, has re-read the book, loves it, and wanted to write about it.

I was going to continue along the lines of blogging being a little island of civilisation in my life, but I’m being called away, so I will end here.

3 thoughts on “Enjoying Persuasion

  1. You are so right – I thoroughly enjoyed writing this review, (though perhaps review is the wrong word), all I wanted to do was to talk about a book that I dearly love and love more each time I read it. Where else but the blogworld could I do this and find comments from visitors saying they are now going to read it after reading my post? That is such a good feeling

  2. As it happens, I love Jane Austen. As it also happens, I enjoy blogging because I don’t have to write reviews. I can discuss older books, I can write little essays, I can post comments as I read.
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    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

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