100 snaps

Link: The SPA 100: A Selection Of 100 Sites Using Snap Preview Anywhere™ at blog.snap.com.

It is nearly 10 pm and I have just finished working, so am really too tired to blog. So I am posting a "cheat" post, which is about this Snap preview. Some readers have noticed that when you pass your mouse over a link in this blog, you see a little preview of the site at the link. This is called Snap preview, and is very easy to install via a web widget.

It seems that this Snapping has taken off in a big way; the organization has its own blog and at the link above has highlighted its 100 favourite sites that have signed up. "Go figure", as someone once said.

I hope I’ll be back up to blogging speed soon, but for now, good night to all my visitors and friends — and do check out these 100 sites if you have more time than I do.