Birth announcement

I’ve barely had any time to blog for a week or so, as you can probably tell from the rather light posts recently, because I’ve been very busy.

Here is the reason.

And here is what it is all about.

I’ve still got some tweaking and correcting to do, but hope to be back to having a bit of leisure (aka blogging) time over the next few days.

10 thoughts on “Birth announcement

  1. Oh Maxine! Speechless. Can’t believe it’s finally live. Longest pregnancy ever!!
    It looks fantastic– love the images and the design looks perfect. Plus I think the feedback button on top right is a great way of using that space…

  2. Sian — you commented before I had a chance to email you– has been so frantic! Will email you now…
    thanks for your comment, and to you, Clare and Marie — makes it all worth it.

  3. Holy mackerel, Maxine. How many blogs do you run? Besides the long list to the left, you also blog at I can barely keep up with two ( & personal), so I must bow to your blogging extraordinariness!

  4. Thanks, Marydell, but actually I don’t manage very well — I have been very quiet this week while the A&R website launches — hope to be back on air next!

  5. Maxine – you are the absolute pinnacle of blogging multi-tasking. I bow to your extraordinary creativity and output.
    You deserve a lot of excalamtion marks after each of those statements but I know you don’t like them, but this really is extraordinarily impressive. I hope it feels good.

  6. Thanks, Debi — you have licence to use as many exclamation marks as you like on my blog. I think I must have been admonmishing myself once for putting too many into my posts, but anyone else should feel unconstrained, exclamation-mark wise.

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