Dovegreyreader and The Book Depository

Dovegreyreader scribbles features a post "Whispering quietly…" about the probable superiority of the Book Depository over Amazon. As regular readers will know, I have been driven increasingly mad by Amazon over the past few months since they "fell out" with Google and installed their own search engine, A9, which is nothing like as good and is too focused on trying to sell you things that aren’t (say) books by the author whose name you have keyed in.

Before Christmas I tried the new Waterstone’s online service (Waterstones have terminated their relationship with Amazon, on which they used to have a "Waterstone’s store" complete with newsletter, and are now running their own operation). But although Waterstone’s matches Amazon on the postage deal (for the UK), it has a low stock even not counting Amazon’s vast "marketplace" of booksellers, and is not anything like as good on price either. I also tried, in a fit of supporting independent booksellers, but the site just can’t compete I’m afraid (though  I do buy books from independent booksellers if I am ever anywhere where I pass an open independent bookshop).

From Dovegreyreader’s post and the many comments to it, The Book Depository passes the test. I am not sure any site that sells things could be quite as much fun to while away an hour or two as Amazon (even though the UK site does not yet sell used toilet tissue, sadly), but I’m determined to give it a serious try now.

I am unable to find my earlier post on the Book Depository even with the help of the so-far dependable Google search box, but I don’t recall it being particularly profound.