New banner for Petrona

When I opened my Christmas card from Jenny, out fell a little cut-out of a banner for Petrona that she’d designed (also some business cards in the same theme). She made it in Photoshop, so I’ve just uploaded the digital version. I’m so thrilled, what a lovely present – so thoughtful and creative.

If anyone else wants a custom-designed banner for their blog, let me know and I’ll have a word with the artist.

5 thoughts on “New banner for Petrona

  1. Oh well done, Jenny!
    This is the kind of present I really go for – one where the giver has spent time creating something totally unique and personal.
    Very thoughtful AND beautiful.

  2. Yes, it is a great juxtaposition, free (the main criterion for any child in present-giving, I’ve noted) and used daily by the recipient, so I can remember her every time I visit my blog 😉
    (She might make it a bit less deep at some point, though.)

  3. Great to see more of Jenny’s talent, Maxine! It’s a lovely banner and creates an even more beautifully presented blog!
    I’d put in an order right now, but I think I have a different typepad package to you… I can see no way of customising to this extent on mine. Please advise as I’d love a banner with graphics and I’d be more than happy to incorporate Jenny’s creative talent, with full credit, should time (Jenny’s) and ability (my blog package) allow.

  4. Great design – memorable…and clean, somehow…and optimistic with all that blue sky. The ideal gift for a blogger I would say.

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