The Humor-to-Naughtiness Ratio

Link: The Dilbert Blog: The Humor-to-Naughtiness Ratio.

This Dilbert post (link above) is just so funny. So funny, times two.

My answer is that he got the first comic strip published because the editors didn’t get the joke; and the second one got published because nobody (including Scott Adams) realised that a character in it really was a giant pe**s.

(The asterisks aren’t because of my or anyone’s sensibilities, but because I don’t want to attract the wrong sort of spam to this blog.)

Ellen Baker on Keeping the House

Ellen Baker was born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and grew up in Wisconsin, Illinois, and South Dakota. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, and a master’s degree in American Studies from the University of Minnesota, and has worked as a museum curator, a costumed living history interpreter, and, most recently, as a bookseller and event coordinator at an independent bookstore. Her first novel, KEEPING THE HOUSE, set in northern Wisconsin in the early 20th century, will be published by Random House in July 2007. She lives with her husband in Wisconsin. And she is a friend of Mrs Dave Lull.

Here is some information about the book. "A newly wed housewife in the conformist 1950s falls in love with a grand, abandoned house in town, and begins to unravel a family’s dark secrets".

Here is an essay by Ellen Baker on writing, and here is the story behind the book.

Congratulations to Ellen. If the book is published in the UK, or becomes available via UK Amazon, I shall read it. Especially as she comes so highly recommended.

Er… I seem to be multimedia

Oh dear, I’m being teased about going all multimedia! I hasten to note that I’m not at all, or at least, if I am I hadn’t realised that is what it is. I got a Typepad e-alert about some new "widgets" as they call them, one of which is this "Snap". Snap provides you with a preview of the web page at a link when you hover your mouse over the link. It seems quite nice though it does not work every time.

OK, so if you want it, here is the link. It takes about 2 minutes to install it. It is available on Typepad and Blogger (Google) blogs, I am not sure if it can be used on other platforms. The Snap people say that 16,300 people have signed up in 5 weeks, whatever that means.

If you are on Typepad, you can get about a zillion widgets for your blog at this page. Many of these are usable on Blogger and other platforms.