Ruminating on best of crime, 2006

Karen Chisholm, of the exclamation-mark-free (and largely Australasian) crime-fiction blog, has listed an excellent selection of 2006 books at this link: It’s a Crime – Top Books of 2006. She is going to be discussing some of these in the next few days and weeks. I am looking forward to this as I have actually read quite a few of these books. I hope to see fellow-enthusiasts there.

From Book of the Day to Canon Fodder

Apologies for the lack of posting over the past couple of days. Work has intervened and I’m still absorbed in a particular task as well as struggling to catch up on several screens’-worth of emails that accumulated in my absence. (Unlike a certain other person in this house, once Christmas Eve arrived I did not try to keep up with my work email until I returned on Wednesdsay).

But this is an aside. This post is to announce a rebirth. Mapletree7 of A Book a Day can no longer read five books a week, so she has refocused her blog and renamed it: Canon Fodder.

She’s planning to read and review classic works, so I for one am looking forward to reading and discussing these. I’ve made one suggestion, "North and South", which I’d like to read again, having recently watched the DVD — a present in Christmas 2005.