Absolute balderdash

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a new family game. This year’s offering is one called Absolute Balderdash, which I have just spent the last hour playing instead of the more edifying pursuit of catching up with my rss subscriptions.

The game is a combination of trivial pursuit and moving counters round a board. Each turn one player asks a question from a card, which the other players have to answer as convincingly as possible on a piece of paper. The other players have to pick the one they think is correct. The questions involve movie plots, laws in various regions, books and people. The shortest is word definitions, two of which I include here.

What is the definition of cartophily?:

1. The love of maps

2. A word used to describe the cart o’phil, a term used in medieval times. The ‘y’ on the end was just for fun.

3. A person who fills up cartons of drinks.

4. The collecting of bubble gum cards depicting famous people.

Here’s another one — define "sackbut":

1. An insult often used by children.

2. An ancestor of the trumpet.

3. A container made of animal skin, filled with beer or "sack", drunk in historical times.

4. When a person is thrown into a sack and screams "but" as the process is happening.

The correct answers are in the comments. Let me know if you got them right.

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