Why we like blogging

Over at Librarian’s Place is a post about why Seth (of Seth’s blog) likes self-experimentation. He applies the same logic to blogging:

"Recently, though, the rise of blogging, Wikipedia, and open-source software, showed me the power of a kind of multiplicative force: (pleasure of hobbies) multiplied by (professional skills). Blogging, for example: (people enjoy writing) multiplied by (professional expertise, which gives them something interesting and unusual to say). In other words, expertise and job skills used in a hobby-like way. "

Seth continues:

"But I was still missing something — something obvious to many others. The power of blogging isn’t

(hobby) x (job skills).

That’s just one person. The total power of blogging is

(hobby) x (job skills) x (anyone can do it)

Which is very powerful."

A point of view that I endorse completely. I can’t help feeling that there is an element or two of the equation that is missing, though. I think there are more than these three parameters to blogging. So although Seth has made a great start, I think it is only a start — I’m going to have to ponder and come back to this one. Maybe you have some suggestions, in which case I hope you’ll drop them in the comments.

Thanks to Dave Lull for the link to Seth’s blog.

3 thoughts on “Why we like blogging

  1. Hey, Maxine. In your enforced absence from the blogosphere you may have missed that you won the Set puzzle challenge again! Two weeks in a row!
    It doesn’t sound like the question of this post calls for individual responses to why blogging is such a great phenomenon.

  2. Thanks, Debra — yes I had missed it, as I haven’t got as far as the rss reader yet — I’ll have to hoist the flag quickly as Saturday looms already…..

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