Outdated bloggers

I’m concerned to read on  Berkshire Blog: a global point of reference: Trying not to be "soooo 2006" that I am likely to be left behind on the technological rubbish heap as 2007 starts. The reason?

"2007 will be the year of the multimedia blogosphere. If you don’t have video, podcasts, photos, screenshots and other visuals on your blog, well then you’re soooo 2006. Not to worry. Adding a YouTube video to your blog is as easy as copy and paste."

I can’t see this happening here, as I blog because I like writing about things, not because I want to get into audio or video. Oh well, I am sure I will find a few other people who are happy to potter about in the pleasant backwaters of Petronaville, and maybe who won’t be upgrading their own blogs to all-singing-all-dancing either.