Top 2006 Google search terms

Link: Bloggers Blog: Bebo Top 2006 Search Term on Google?.

I don’t know whether I believe this, but according to Bloggers Blog (link above) the top 10 search terms on Google in 2006 (the year not quite over yet, though) are:

  1. bebo
  2. myspace
  3. world cup
  4. metacafe
  5. radioblog
  6. wikipedia
  7. video
  8. rebelde
  9. mininova
  10. wiki

As Bloggers Blog points out, no Britney Spears or ebay. My surprise is that there is no porn or s*x (anti spam device)-related words listed, but maybe those are pre-censored. Bloggers Blog points to number 4, metacafe, which is apparently a video-sharing website more popular than YouTube (which didn’t make the list). I wonder if Google (who recently bought YouTube for tons of money) are worried? Bloggers Blog expresses surprise that Bebo is top because it says "nobody has heard of it". Hah! Try being around teenagers and pre-teenagers for about 5 minutes. Bebo used to be popular with younger kids before YouTube and MySpace came along — recently it has surged ahead on popularity with the teens as well as their younger counterparts, according to my carefully collected anecdotal evidence. I have never heard of 8 or 9, and I am not sure what is meant by a radioblog (5), so maybe I’m not as hip as all that.

The Bloggers Blog posts also refers to a link which compares the Google, Yahoo and AOL top lists. Fascinating to see how these sites are used by different types of people: "most people use Google to find social networks, videos and World Cup information, while Yahoo users want celebrity gossip and the boring (sic) AOL users want weather information and dictionary links." Speaking for myself, I am proud to be boring yet don’t use AOL or Yahoo, apart from when I am forced to (if I want to visit Flickr).