Advice for new online publishers

Does this sound familiar? "You can’t make any money publishing online. No one does any original reporting on the Web. The blogosphere is nothing but egos and spam."

The post "Top mistakes made by new online publishers" at the USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review provides eight pieces of advice for new online publishers.

1. Publish for the love of it, not to milk your market, or your readers will go elsewhere.

2. Don’t cast your net too broad. Pick a subject you know and can write about with authority.

3. Allow comments and debate, turning your readers into contributors.

4. Eliminate spam.

5. Spend some money on marketing and publicity: just because you are online doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at attracting readers.

6. Generate the traffic/fill a market niche first before spending lots of money on the project.

7. Be honest about your traffic numbers: your readers/users need to know they can trust you.

8. Don’t set unrealistic goals.

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