A tardy set result

Setduelwinner_1 Somewhat belatedly, I see that I won the set competition on Saturday. If you go to the link in the previous sentence, you will be at the deblog and can find out more about this puzzle that a group of addicts voluntarily put themselves through most days. Apologies for the delay in posting this compelling piece of news — I guess I didn’t think for a minute I would win in the new-look format, so never thought to go back to check my score. If you like the puzzle, please join in over at the deblog, where you will find plenty of other pastimes of that ilk, discovered by the currently technologically euphoric Debra Hamel.

6 thoughts on “A tardy set result

  1. Thanks, all — the nice thing about this competition is that it takes 1-5 mins (depending on how slow one’s brain is on a given day).

  2. Now come on, Susan, you’ve had some aces recently I believe 😉 (as you are on a blog that allows smileys 😉 )

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