Price checking service

I received an email this morning from an impeccable source, so thought I would share it.

"Thought all the bargain hunters among you might be interested in a new service – 60207. It lets you compare high-street prices against the internet when you’re out shopping. It’s intended for things like televisions, washing machines, dishwashers etc. It works best with anything that can be uniquely identified by its product code e.g. sony cmtnez7 (a DAB mini hifi).

There was a write up about it in the Sunday Times (see this link or download attached PDF) and a smaller one in the Observer (see attached PDF).

For more info and a demo on how to use the service visit the 60207 website."

I went for a look at the site, and noticed that your first price check is free. I don’t think I’ll be using the site as life is too short, and John Lewis seem to operate a similar service on behalf of its customers in any event. But just in case anyone would find it of use, I thought I’d pass on the details.

Download sunday_times_061022.pdf

Download observer_061029.pdf