Owl (sans pussycat) in a pea-green cornet

My recent post "Ten tasty things" (courtesy Brian Sibley) generated a lot of mouthwatering suggestions in the comments. Part of that conversation involved peas. I am now delighted to report that a recipe for green pea ice cream is available on Librarian’s Place. You can even see a picture of it by clicking through from there to the original recipe.

If you visit Librarian’s Place, please do scroll around a bit. It is indeed a cornucopia, courtesy of an OWL (an omnipresent Wisconsin librarian).

4 thoughts on “Owl (sans pussycat) in a pea-green cornet

  1. I love green *tea* ice cream; I’m having some doubts about green *pea* ice cream!

  2. Susan, I don’t know about green pea ice cream, but in desperation at the glut of avocadoes we used to have – well after staff and dogs ate their fill – I made avocado ice cream a number of times. Not half bad.

  3. Somehow I can imagine green tea ice-cream (or sorbet) but not green pea or avocado, I have no idea why not. I’d love to try some though.

  4. What happened to green tomato ketchup? I bought a bottle once but my daughters didn’t like it. Is it now defunct? I wonder if it was actually any different from the red.

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