A poetic mystery

This is strange. Someone called Billy the Blogging Poet has just written a post (a perfectly above-board and rather sweet post about a poet he has discovered) in which he writes at the end:

"This post was made possible with support from Maxine [link to Petrona] and readers like you."

This is most odd, as I’ve never "supported" Billy the Blogging Poet, or even heard of him, unless my memory is even worse than I already know it is.

Anyone have any idea as to what is going on here? Naturally, I have put a correction into B the BP’s comments.

5 thoughts on “A poetic mystery

  1. Perhaps you’ve been a support to him without knowing it, Maxine! Or perhaps Billy the Poet is the alias of someone you know…so many possibilities – very intriguing.

  2. He seems to be an entrepreneurial poet, has a number of items he’s hawking on his site. Perhaps you bought something he’s selling, Maxine, or perhaps he’s hoping that the mystery will draw more readers to his site. That would actually be a rather clever trick, wouldn’t it?

  3. I tried to explain but you failed to leave an e-mail address when you commented and since the explanation is still a secret I don’t want to spread it beyond those it’s intended to benifit with you being one.

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