War of the words

"His writing style is impromptu, frank, opinionated, humorous, and careless of capitalization….. This article is being considered for deletion for the second time in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy." (See here for link.)

Yes– Wikipedia is deleting the bloggers. As Timecop, on Wikipedia, of course, where else?, with his or her own apparent disregard for capitalization,  grammar or politeness, writes:  "there are hundreds of utterly worthless blog-related pages on Wikipedia. Some are genuinely notable, but others are just self-promoting vanity / spam. Here’s some quick guidelines for a non-notable blog:

  1. Is it an article about a blog?
  2. Is the article title the blog title?
  3. Is the blog’s first hit on google when searching for the said blog title?
  4. Can most of the "about" info be gathered from clicking "about" link on the blog?
  5. Is the rest of the shit inane garbage blatantly promoting the said blog?

If so, the blog is a perfect candidate for getting deleted from Wikipedia. Make sure to check alexa and google, and search for "exact" blog name. Skip through a few ‘next’ pages on google, to get total number of ‘unique’ hits, the rest being uselessly duplicated content. Then nominate it for deletion……Thanks for keeping wikipedia a blog-free place!"

The perils and pitfalls of the "wisdom of the spam" approach to the internet, where idealism meets commercialism, public-spiritedness meets self-promotion……OK, OK, you get the picture. What’s the alternative? Several hundred bucks for the Encyclopaedia Britannica, or free but with a truckload of ploggy adverts?