Nautilus and Peer to Peer

Any scientists out there? I have just acquired two new blogs. No, not the result of some mad impulse, but Proper Blogs; Serious Blogs; Work Blogs.

The company for which I work, Nature Publishing Group, is producing an ever-increasing number of journals and online products. We’ve therefore created a couple of blogs for our authors and peer-reviewers. Via these blogs, we hope to enter a direct conversation about the publication process: how to format your paper, polices on data sharing or bioterrorism, information about how to go about getting your paper published, the value of peer-review, and so on. Of course, Nature and other journals in our stable already publish author and reviewer guidance and debate the hot issues of plagiarism, ethics, fraud, publicity, credit, impact measures, access to the literature and so on, in the pages or on the website. But we are moving a step further now, in that we can enter a direct conversation with the community whose work we publish, or on which we comment.

NPG already runs several subject-specific blogs, as well as a web technology blog called Nascent. But I’m particularly enthused by these two latest additions:

Nautilus, for past, present and future authors.

Peer-to-peer, for peer-reviewers and about the peer-review process.

If you are a scientist, or if you know any scientific researchers, take a look and spread the word.

(An index of NPG blogs can be seen at this link.)