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Convert your blog into a book for 14 dollars? Sounds fun. Dave Lull sent me some information about a company–unattractively named Blurb — claiming to do just that. If you look around their site, you can "take the tour" of how to produce your book, a sort of POD-type operation from the looks of it.

Well, I was wondering what to get people for Christmas this year — now I know. And of course, volume 2 could be ready just in time for next.

From the Blurb site:

  • Supports TypePad and WordPress blogs (Blogger,, and Movable Type coming soon)
  • Imports and maps blog text, images, comments, and links into a professionally designed template, producing a draft book in real time
  • Allows you to customize and edit your book as little or as much as you like
  • Bookstore-quality printing and binding; up to 440 pages per book
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    1. I think a lot of bloggers could have fun with this if its done right. Even a copy to remember the days when you blogged might not be a bad keepsake. Thx for the tip Maxine.

    2. I saw this advertised on the Typepad site. Sounds excellent. And much better than my old trick of copying my posts into a word document and then turning into a PDF, which was all very time consuming. With my old kimbofo blog I turned each month’s worth of posts into a PDF — I had three years worth — with a view to printing them out and having bound or at least kept in a folder. Alas, they’re still sitting on my hard drive — the posts themselves have long since been deleted as I ran out of space on Typepad.

    3. Glad it seems useful — thanks for the feedback, Kim. I should say, though, that as is so often the case, we have Dave Lull to thank for the tip, not me!

    4. I am part of a small start up company, and after reading your post on Blurb, I thought you might like to know about beta iMemoryBook as well. It is an online memory book system. Unlike blurb there is nothing to download because it is all Web 2.0 (drag and drop). Plus it is completely collaborative. You whole family can get together and create a book about Grandpa. Take a look at it.
      Happy Christmas,
      Jeff Harmon
      Team iMemoryBook

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