Frank Wilson, Part II

The second part of the Kenyon Review intereview with Frank Wilson is here:

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As with part 1, it is an excellent piece — on his own blog, Books, Inq., Frank modestly lays the credit at the door of the intereviewer. Of course he is half right, the interviewer is skilful, but at least the other half of the reason these pieces are so readable and individual is the subject. Part 2 covers Ian McEwan’s Saturday, poetry, philosophy and more.

Frank is, of course, a published poet. Here is one of his poems, Advent.

He also runs a fascinating blog — I haven’t looked at blogs for a couple of days, and having just visited Books, Inq, I am blown away by all the links and laconic but telling summaries on there. Frank’s goal is clearly to publish enough every day to keep a reader occupied for all of that day. It’s all food for thought, but I particularly like Frank and Bryan Appleyard’s Failed Intellectuals Society. (Bet they are annoyed that Freud, Marx and Engels joined, though.)

2 thoughts on “Frank Wilson, Part II

  1. You are too, too kind, Maxine.
    Actually, though, we welcome Karl, Friedrich and Siegmund. We’re glad they’re big enough guys to admit their failure and join with us. Thanks again.

  2. Well, Frank, you can enjoy talking to them to your heart’s content. Maybe you would say that Chomsky could join you also? Harold Pinter, another of your favourites? 😉
    That leaves the road clear for me to have a society for “non failed” “non intellectuals” eg J K Rowling, Philip Pullman, Viggo Mortensen. I wonder who will have the most enjoyable time?! (oops, did I write Viggo Mortensen?)

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