Ten good things– well, four

View From The Pundy House: Ten good things.

Pundy writes: "I am, as you may have noticed, a gloomy old bastard. You probably think I sit here all day in the Pundy House muttering to myself about how awful life is. Well, I do actually." So as an antidote, he has tried to list ten good things that have happened to him in the past 12 months.

I was impressed that he got up to seven. I’m going to have a go now and see how far I get (excluding vicarious pleasure at various children-related things).

1. Learnt blogging: encountered some nice bloggers and "delightful cross pollinators"

2. Got rid of ill-fitting wallpaper and had walls painted. (Not sure if this counts as Malcolm actually sorted it all — I just enjoy the result.)

3. Read some good books.

4. Lost weight.

I’m a bit stuck now. Anybody care to have a go?