Human captcha filler

Link: Bloggers Blog: Third World Job: Human Captcha Filler.

Oh no! According to the above post at Bloggers Blog, captcha (those squiggly characters in comments) can be got around by spammers. In our blogs at work, we don’t use captcha because it is not "accessible". Someone has finally persuaded someone else that the amount of spam you get when you don’t have captcha is compromising the mental health of the poor bloggers (you would not believe how many spam emails I get a day — to the point where I can’t bear to check it all to see if there is an odd "real" comment in there). Captcha is en route, we are now promised.

So I am gutted to read that captcha is vulnerable. Even more gutted to read of the method. Employ lots of poor Nigerians to spam manually. Sad world. Sad times.