Staggering around and about

I’m flagging tonight, so will just feebly (lazily) link to a few posts that I’ve enjoyed, around and about.

It’s a Crime! (not to be confused with CrimeFicReader’s blog It’s a Crime…or a mystery!) is a crime fiction blog by "Karen down under" a.k.a. "Karen C" (i.e. not Karen M from Eurocrime).

With me so far? Well, Giles Blunt has a new book out in his John Cardinal series called The Fields of Grief, which Karen C reviews here. Can’t wait – it is an excellent series, of which this latest installment is book 3. However, for regular readers there is a big shock at the beginning of the review. I suspect that it would be impossible to review this book without giving away this event, so you’ll probably read it in other places too, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

While I am at Karen C’s blog, she’s also reviewed a promising debut novel called The Walker, by Jane Goodall. It seems to have nothing to do with chimpanzees and everything to do with being a good crime-fiction read, having won the Ned Kelly award for Best Crime Novel.

I love these two Scott Adams posts, Welcome to the Club (women are off the protected list) and Atheists, the new Gays (when Bill Gates will be president). They are such miniatures of layered perfection that I can’t do justice to them by encapsulating a quote from either: do go and read them.

While we are on humour, does anyone know how parts of a spaceship can have got into a kitchen in Aberdeen, or "more worryingly", why? Suggestions are desperately required by a confused Pundy.

Lynne Scanlon provides a truly terrifying Christmas book list.

And here is a less terrifying list: all the e-books that have been entered into Paperback Writer’s challenge. They are all free, and include works by blogger supremos Bill Liversidge (Pundy), Carla Nayland, Bill Peschel and PBW herself, Lynn Viehl.

Finally, is Frank going to review Christine Falls? Or have I missed it? (Link features a lovely picture.)

That’s all I’ve got energy for tonight, will hope to be back on better form tomorrow.

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  1. Maxine, the one thing terrifying about the e-book challenge is that Lynn’s going to read and critique all of them.
    Question is: who’s going to be scared worse …

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