Blacklist but not Fire Sale

Another of those books I have read recently but not reviewed is Fire Sale by Sarah Paretsky. I am an admirer of Paretsky, so much so that she is one of my "top 10 detective authors" on my David-Montgomery-alternative list.

But Fire Sale is a stinker. First two chapters, good. After that, the book gets completely bogged down in a boring plot relying on things like V. I. being upset about a female colleague of her boyfriend’s staying at his place; V. I. being so much of a pushover that she takes over being coach of a girls’ basketball team even though she doesn’t want to; etc. The main plot depended on an unbelievable family-run company. I just could not remain interested in the book at all — which seemed interminably long — and skimmed the last half.

I think this is a great pity, as Paretsky’s last V. I. book, Blacklist,  was both gripping and moving.

If you would like a rather different assessment of Paretsky and Fire Sale, please see this post at The Rap Sheet.