Deadmistress and sequel

I received an email today from the author Carole Shmurak, who is a member of the Dorthy L list, to say that Death by Committee, the second Susan Lombardi mystery and sequel to Deadmistress, is now available on

I can recommend Deadmistress, which I read during the summer of 2005 — pre-blogging and while immobile for a few weeks because of a foot operation. From the Amazon review of Deadmistress: "This semester has been a real killer. The headmistress of a posh private school for girls has been found brutally murdered in her office. When professor and educational consultant Susan Lombardi learns that her close friend John has been accused of the crime, she wastes no time setting out to clear his name. While doing so she uncovers some troubling secrets about the school’s faculty and staff, and it soon becomes clear that John is definitely not the only one with a motive for murdering the "deadmistress".  "

Here is the Amazon review of the sequel, Death by Committee: "The good news: You’ve got tenure. The bad news: You’re dead. Faculty squabbling at a large state university turns deadly when professor of education Susan Lombardi joins a committee to make a tenure decision about Abby Gillette, a controversial faculty member. After one colleague is hospitalized following a suspicious fire and another is found dead in Abby’s office, Susan must try to figure out who is doing what to whom…without becoming the next victim. At the same time, she must deal with her husband’s highly dysfunctional family and help a friend handle a questionable romance. The second volume in the Susan Lombardi series, this charming, witty mystery is in a class by itself."

*Deadmistress*, a Susan Lombardi Mystery. Named a Notable Book by Writers Notes Magazine Book Awards. Just released: *Death by Committee*, the 2nd Susan Lombardi mystery. Read reviews at this link. You can read the first chapter of Death by Committee at the publisher’s website.

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